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Board Agenda is a progressive media brand focused on corporate governance that provides incisive journalism, expert insight, and intelligence about the key issues that are shaping the responsibility and practices of corporate boards & the role of directors who serve on them, across the world.

You will find an extensive range of subjects covered. We report on issues such as legal & regulatory developments, ESG, investor relations, cyber security, audit and internal controls, risk oversight, corporate culture, diversity and inclusion,  strategic planning, corporate finance, M&A, technology, investor relations, ethics, sustainability, and executive remuneration.

We also provide expert guidance on the role and responsibilities of board members and committees, plus insight into the latest developments in board practices, selection, and board careers.

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You will find key editorial and commercial contacts below. Board Agenda is an independent media brand that provides insight and intelligence for a UK, European, and international audience of board members, C-suite executives, and advisory professionals about issues that impact on corporate governance, board practices, and business strategy. Submissions will be assessed on the merits of providing insight into these issues.

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