We Are an Online Community

Here at Cannect, we built our platform to take on the natural form of an online community. We used open-source software and the latest technologies to ensure a safe, and secure experience on our site.

The forums are broken up into categories that cover things like our communities favorites strains of flower, or even an at-home recipe for the next batch of euphoric cookies.

We are Self-funded

We genuinely care about the people who use our platform. Because of this principle, it restricts us from getting any funding from large corporations.


We are here to help

No question should go unanswered. That is why our job is to grow this platform organically so that it introduces new members to refresh the baseline for current events, products, and news for the Cannabis industry.

We’re working to grow this

It all started with an idea. Let’s grow an inline community, outside special interests that dominate the industry as it stands today. The voices that should be elevated should be done so naturally through the vetting of a community.