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Evidenced Based & Clinically Proven - Prevent Leakage, Build Your Pelvic Floor & Core, Heal Diastasis Recti & Cure Pain


Is This Online HUB For Me?

  • Do YOU Feel Lost In All The Information Out There?
  • Do YOU Want A One Stop Platform to Find Everything You Need
  • Want to Exercise But Make Sure Its Safe?
  • Would love Easy Access to 100’s of Workouts?
  • Wish For a Stronger & more functional Pelvic Floor & Core?
  • Keen For a Flatter Tummy?
  • Suffering From Diastasis Recti, Incontinence, Prolapse or Pain?
  • Would love 1000’s of Recipes & Meal Plans at your Fingertips
  • Be Able to Access Online Support from Women’s Health Experts Anytime

Why choose Health 2 Mama Hub?

Expertise & Knowledge

There are countless programs out there created by those who have been through pregnancy and postnatal then decided they are the fountain of knowledge and launched an online program telling others what to do. Some have very basic personal training knowledge to go with it.

How do we solve this problem?

Programs have been created by 2 Women’s Health Physios (one a mum of 2) with a collective experience of almost 40 years. All the info and advice is backed by research and clinical evidence. They have practiced everything that there is to offer in the HUB with 1000’s of clients over a few years and refined the programs to meet the needs of anyone. Everything you could possibly need to know including advice and exercise through pregnancy, recovery and getting back to being you after birth is covered.

Tailored programs - go at your own pace

Every woman is different. How fit, healthy and strong pre pregnancy they are will be different. How their pregnancy goes will be different. How their birth goes be it vaginal or c sec will be different. How and the rate they recover will be different. Issues with Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Control will be different. Ability to get back to exercise and recover their Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Function will be different.

So any program which has different exercises for different stages of pregnancy or tells you that they are 8 weeks long or 12 weeks long etc can not be right. Some mums will be still be running and lifting weights to end trimester of pregnancy. Others will find even walking difficult and may be in pain in the last trimester. Some mums will have a severe DR and disrupted Pelvic Floor, even possibly a prolapse. Whereas others may have minimal DR or only minor pelvic floor symptoms. On the other hand, some may have no DR or pelvic floor symptoms at all by 8 weeks post giving birth.

How do we solve this problem?

The HUB contains different programs, all with clear instructions on how to make any type of exercise safe for you depending on your individual needs. The Toning Workouts are made to be safe for all stages of Pregnancy, from 8 Weeks Post Birth, with ways to make them gradually harder with weights. The Abs Fab and Pelvic Floor & Core Programs are set in Levels of exercises, rather than in weeks, showing you how to move onto the next level when you are ready. Some will be able to move to the next level week by week. Others may need a few weeks practicing each level of exercises in the programs before moving on. This is how the Programs are safe for anyone. The information and workouts also work for those who have had vaginal births and those who have had C Sections.

Online support

A lot of programs out there will provide no support or limited online support once purchased the program which can make you feel lost and not truly safe.

How do we solve this problem?

Our support team is made up of experienced physios who will answer any questions posed.  We also offer the ability to consult a physio online or in person to show any concerns you have and go through your breathing, engaging the core muscles and check you doing any exercises if you are sure not doing correctly.