N-LITE Sports

N-LITE Sports

Next Level ID Tracking Engine

N-LITE is the future of talent Identification, providing insight into today’s capabilities and needs while utilizing our patent pending Predictive Analytics Algorithm to outline the path to player success.


A better way to track talent and improve their performance

Quantifying the new paradigm for player development by shining a light on the way players learn and grow.

  • Assessments: Measure and gain insights on areas to improve.
  • Recruitment: From Players to Scouts and digital showcase brochures, College ID Camps, and real-time event notifications, we are innovating the process and bringing more opportunities to be seen.
  • Club Management: Manage your club all in one software including registration and payment.
  • Talent Identification: Others can provide a rating and comparison system. This will be the first time ever a patent-pending algorithm will be utilized to highlight future potential.


Our Story

The vision for N-LITE started in 1998 with our co-founder David Allway during his tenure as a collegiate soccer athlete and researcher with Indiana University and Michigan State University at the Youth Sports Institute. His journey and research led him to create an algorithm that helped identify Olympic athletes and professional athletes prior to them ever achieving Worldwide accolades. Then he took a detour by selling the intellectual property to and became an advisor to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Now, after more than a decade of refinement, the algorithm is back available for commercial use, patent pending, and is applied to sports.

With the support of friend, colleague, and U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame inductee Eddie Pope the N-LITE platform is ready to serve the greater good of the game.

Together with their expanded business and software development teams, N-LITE will deliver a comprehensive solution to support the needs of everyone who loves and is a part of the soccer industry to elevate their game to the next level