About us

In SHEtrition, we strip away all the rules and get down and dirty with your habits, unproductive mindset, and your unhealthy relationship with food in order to break through and start hitting goal after goal on your weight loss journey.

About me

I'm a nutritionist, weight loss coach, podcaster, and morning routine enthusiast from Tennessee, and I'm obsessed with helping women lose weight, eating foods they love

I didn't always have the best relationship with my food, or a rock-solid body image. It took my own personal journey to realize that my degree didn't teach me everything. That getting results for myself, and my members, meant I had to have a deeper understanding of my routine, mindset, and beliefs around food.

My superpower is helping women, like you, unlock the version of themselves by challenging their food rules and creating habits SO simple that they can lose their weight, for good.

5 years ago, I took a leap of faith and left my job as a nutritionist in a doctor's office without a backup plan. I wanted to help women in my community heal their relationship with food and hit their goals without the crazy restrictions. To help women create inspiring mornings that empower them before they even step foot outside of their house for the day. From there, SHEtrition was born.

Let's Transform Your Body and Routine

I've helped 6,000 women lose weight while eating the foods they love, and keeping weight loss simple.